HARMONY: a live music and dance festival

Join Tiffany Lawson Dance on Thursday, March 2 -

Sunday, March 5 for their 4th season concert series, 

featuring artists from Chicago, New York, Nevada,

California, and Maryland. All performances will be held

at Tom Robinson Gallery, 2416 W. North Ave. Thursday - Saturday shows are at 8pm. Sunday show is at 7pm.

Each evening of the festival is a little different, with most artists presenting and/or performing at least 2 of the nights. Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 at the door. You can also purchase a 2 show bundle for $45, or all 4 shows for $65. Please refer to the list below to see when each artist will be featured.

Sandra Kramerova (New York): Thursday-Sunday

Stephanie Unger (California): Thursday-Saturday

Chelsea Harkelroad & Denita Inez (Chicago): Friday, Saturday

KJ Dahlaw (Nevada): Thursday-Saturday

Elise Ellen Ericksen (Chicago): Thursday, Saturday

Shayna Bjerke (Chicago): Thursday-Sunday

Tiffany Lawson (Chicago): Thursday-Sunday

Ela Olarte (Chicago): Saturday, Sunday

Kimberly Baker (Chicago): Friday, Sunday

Christine Hands (Maryland): Friday, Sunday

Clayton Cross (Chicago): Thursday, Saturday

Molly Jo Mathe (Chicago): Friday, Sunday

Amanda Mitchell (Chicago): Friday, Sunday


Get your tickets today!!!