HARMONY, a live music and dance festival

A note from the Director

Harmony, an agreement or concord. Some synonyms - peace, friendship, fellowship, cooperation, understanding. Tiffany Lawson Dance is thrilled to embark on our first festival, bringing the agreement of live music and dance to life. In a world full of turmoil and grief, peace is an ever important goal to achieve. Tonight we bring friendship, some old friends and new, from around the U.S. Stephanie from CA, KJ from NV, and Sandra from NY. We also bring the fellowship of our Chicago guests Chelsea, Denita, and Ela. This festival has provided a huge sense of cooperation from the individual musicians collaborating on each dance to achieve musical perfection. All of the artists within Tiffany Lawson Dance and our guests have found an understanding through HARMONY and ways of expressing our individual voices. Though we may be of different backgrounds, we all can come together united and share our art with you. May you find your bit of peace in HARMONY. Thank you for joining us. Enjoy!

Tiffany Lawson, Artistic Director of Tiffany Lawson Dance